So I signed up for one "1" month only, the next month they automatically debited my account without authorization. Corporate customer service told me they would not refund the money, and said it was in the contract I signed! I received absolutely no copies of any...
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I had went to the Ultra Tan in Boiling Springs, SC and when i was tanning there service was great and everyone was polite and friendly. I told the lady when i signed up for the plan that i traveled for work and that if my job took me some where else I would have to...
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Ultratan Tanning Review

I never get tan in their beds. I'm naturally fairly dark and tan very easy. However, i went daily for a month and never get a tan!
I was pressured into buying a facial tanning lotion that was very expensive. They tried to convince me that if I bought it from Amazon where it was half the price I could get sued. I didn't believe that but the girl's face looked so nicely tanned and she was so sweet I...
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I didn't like
  • No refunds or credit for faulty product
I asked for one month unlimited tan and got a recurring membership. When they charged my card for the next month (two weeks later) they refused to refund. I even called corporate and spoke to two people there. I was nice but the my were very condescending and refused...
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I have been a member at ULTRA Tan on and off for 8 years. I started in North Myrtle beach. I am an investigator and have used over a half dozen stores. The store on Forrest Drive in Columbia is a rip off. The staff that has and does work there is excellent!! Super...
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I liked
  • Convenience
  • Cleanliness
  • People who staff stores
I didn't like
  • Having to complain
  • Text book answer
  • 64 dollars monthly to wait
Ultratan  Spray Tanning Review
I will NEVER recommend ultra tan to anyone!! I went for a spray tan, I had never had one before. They asked if I wanted light, medium, or dark. I asked which one would be the best for me without making me orange so they said medium. They said to sleep in it and wash in...
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I bought a lotion and a tattoo cover up and broke out. The next day I contacted the store. She said they never do returns on products and that I could all customer service. I had to call for 2 days and finally I talk to someone and she said they never do returns. She...
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Its their policy. Thats how your skin reacted to it.. too bad for you.

I didn't like
  • How they take care of customer issues
I had an issue in the store today and let the two ladies behind the counter know that I was unhappy. They didn't say a word or try to resolve. I called another store to talk with a manager & learned that BOTH ladies behind the counter during my issue were managers...
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Tan Review

Tanning has huge price difference using cash